Bolzanova revize Kantova pojetí Betrachtung ve sváru o předmět soudu vkusu

Tomáš Hlobil


Bolzano’s Modification of Kant’s Concept of Betrachtung in the Dispute Regarding the Object of the Judgement of Taste

In German pre-critical aesthetics, the term Betrachtung (contemplation) was coined to describe the reception of beauty and art. It was also used by Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Judgment (1790), and by Bernard Bolzano in his treatise On the Concept of Beauty (1843). Both Bolzano and Kant tied the judgment of taste (beauty) to the mere contemplation of the initial object. However, each of them meant something different by this act, and each accorded it a different importance. The study describes Kant’s and Bolzano’s conceptions of mere contemplation, compares them and shows that Bolzano’s concept should be understood as a content modification of Kant’s innovative procedure.