Tak chci, tak přikazuji. Kant a Nietzsche v dialogu

Ondřej Sikora


Sic volo, sic iubeo. Kant and Nietzsche in Dialogue

The investigation of the possibility of a dialogue between the philosophy of Kant and Nietzsche is based on the concept of autonomy. Both authors are presented as radical and consistent thinkers of autonomy. The study follows the way they step out of the isolation of the own „I will“. For both thinkers, autonomy cannot be seen as an arrogant self-realization of lonely subjectivity, on the contrary, its appropriate treatment leads both to the substantial meaning of the relationship to the other. According to Kant, autonomous subject who realizes his autonomy in relations to others gets to understand himself as someone who belongs to the highest good. In the case of Nietzsche, autonomous will is the one that takes deep interest in the relation to others and at the same time that expects her fulfilment in the act of transcendent desire.