Neadresné a neviditelné. K fenomenologické interpretaci motivu „neadresných jevů“ v biologii Adolfa Portmanna

Martin Nitsche


Unaddressed and Invisible. A Phenomenological Interpretation of the Motif of „Unaddressed Phenomena“ in Adolf Portmannʼs Biology

The study focuses on the interpretation of the motif of unaddressed phenomena in the dialogue between Adolf Portmann’s thought and phenomenology. It establishes the closeness between Portmann and phenomenology, not in the foundation of phenomenality, but rather in employing nonaddressedness for interpreting phenomenality’s meaning. The concept of invisibility, especially in M. Merleau-Ponty and M. Henry, is considered as a phenomenological parallel to nonaddressedness. Both nonaddressedness and invisibility determine a layered perceptual environment that is based neither on representation of the perceived in a perceiving subject nor on an objective, causally interrelated system of functional relations.